Saturday, May 14, 2011

Caught Between the Covers of a Book

I've finished the first third of a book that I'm enjoying, and I want to freeze time.
Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger, who also wrote The Time Traveler's Wife, is a little creepy, but it's meant to be. The apartment in London is next to a cemetery. The dead aunt, who left her apartment to her twin American nieces, haunts the apartment, adding commentary about the goings on of the people in her apartment. The aunt's ex-boyfriend lives in the apartment below and works in the cemetery. The twins are symmetrical, mirror images of each other.
Doesn't that make everyone picture the creepy twins from The Shining?
The book is copyrighted in 2009, but I came across it earlier this spring when I was looking for a book to buy at Barnes & Noble. I buy so few books that I really stress over it, afraid I might buy the wrong book.

When my friend Ruth asked for a book recommendation to download to her iPod, I suggested this one without having read it. I said it looked good.
Ruth bought the book and read it while on vacation. She hated it. She said none of the characters were likable.
So now I'm in even more of a dilemma. I'm a third of the way through and I'm loving it. I'm trying to slow time down. I read it occassionally, torn between wanting to continue through this sinister world and not wanting to hate the book at the end.
I finished reading this book and posted some insights here if you want to read more.


Linda said...

I love books but not creepy. I like the idea of commentary by a ghost but the twins---not so much.

BFF said...

The selfish aunt just reminded me of my selfish husband. Hard to take but the writing was good. You should love it if it speaks to you

Just me said...

I often hate for boooks to end. I may just just whole parts marinate in my mind for days while going through the first and middle parts. And most often I will just hold off finishing the last three or so chapters not wanting to let go.....

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