Wednesday, February 26, 2014

FranceBookTours -- Reviews of My Latest Novel

If you get a chance, I hope you'll stop by some of the blogs posting reviews of my latest  novel I See London I See France.
Isn't it nice to read complimentary things about yourself? So far, so good. Though I know not everyone likes the same kinds of books.
So far my book has been kindly reviewed on three websites. Words and Peace by Emma said, "VERDICT: If you like travel (Ah, Paris! Provence!), family issues, strong women trying to find their real place in life, and a touch of romance, don’t hesitate a second, this book is right for you!"

Next at Blog in France, Stephanie said, "The novel is absorbing, beautifully written and fabulously enjoyable. It also offers us a gentle reminder that relationships need working at.... Teenage first crazy love is contrasted with married love and life, temptation with loyalty, self-indulgence with duty. There’s comedy, sadness, romance, bitterness, temptation, discipline – Paulita Kincer keeps us gripped."

Then Wednesday, Jacqui on French Village Diaries wrote, "Paulita’s writing went straight to my head; I felt every emotion Caroline was feeling, so much so this book affected my mood even when I wasn’t reading it. This book has a great story line, moved along at a nice pace and with some added interest as it jumped back and forward from the present to her time in Aix en Provence as a nanny in the late 1990’s. This is a book I will read again and I hope Paulita is busy working on her next novel."

The tour continues tomorrow. I could read positive reviews all day, still, before every review, I brace myself just in case.
Thanks to everyone for their support.

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Just Me said...

Horaah for the great reviews. I especially agree with Jacqui's review on French Village Diaries.

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