Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Birthday Theme

The day after my birthday, I received two birthday cards in the mail from friends here in town.
There's a theme to the cards.
First this one from Deb. She knows me so well.
Yes, Paris. And, yes, my hair would have to be well-behaved, which it never is in France because I don't have a French-compatible  hairdryer or straightener.

The next card was from my running friend Noreen. You remember her. She had breast cancer a few years ago and ran our running group into the ground proving that she was healthier than us. And she is!
Here's the card she sent.

Inside it says, "Oh yeah, like if you had magic shoes, you'd go to Kansas." I thought that was hilarious.
I'm clicking my heels and feeling better today.
Then Tuesday evening, I heard the UPS truck pull up and slide a package across the porch. I wasn't expecting anything, but Earl went to retrieve it. A box of macarons from Pistacia Vera, a terrific bakery in German Village here in Columbus. My running friend Pam, who moved away, sent the macarons. There are flavors of pistachio, vanilla bean, lemon, strawberry, mocha... Too many to name.

This afternoon, I was kind of wallowing in my flu symptoms after I had to stop taking the Tamiflu because of a reaction. My face swelled and the skin around my eyes got pink, dry and itchy. As soon as I stopped taking the Tamiflu, my headache and coughing came back full force.
I had some errands to run that I couldn't get out of, and while thinking how bad I felt, a song came on that helped  me change my attitude.
I've made it my ringtone now.
I came home, did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and cooked chicken breast which I made into a delicious chicken salad with sliced grapes and apples and served on croissants.
Now I'm going to have a glass of wine and relax, knowing I'll feel cheerier every time my phone rings.


Jeanie said...

I missed that -- Happy Birthday! And I have those first two images -- the napkins and Dorothy card in my collection. Two of my favorites!

Paulita said...

Thanks, Jeannie. Now I have the images on my blog!

Vagabonde said...

I read some of your past posts. From what I understand you will move to France? I guess you do speak French? I am reading a book now, older book, called “Le piéton de Paris” by Léon-Paul Fargue. I got it from a second-hand book shop in Marseille. The author is long dead – he knew Proust …
I looked at listings of apartments in the area where I grew up in Paris – a 3 room flat with a bathroom starts at about $900,000 – way too high for my budget. I feel bad that I did not buy my parent’s apartment in the 1970s when I had a chance and it was reasonable. I did look on the Net though, maybe in real estate agencies you may find something better – I’ll look at them when I am in Paris later this year.
I saw you mentioned German Town in Columbus. When my daughter was getting her medical residency at OSU we went to a German restaurant there for my birthday, it was very good. Happy belated birthday!

Just Me said...

The cards were PERFECT ! I love that song ..... but .... my hubby insists on playing it (very loud) every morning (the only time of day when I crave quiet. My Luck!

Just Me said...

P.S. I never saw the video. I must need instructions on how to be happy ... (which I knew) and now I get it even more. Sometimes I can such a moron. (smile)

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