Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wrinkles Be Gone

My husband is so lucky that I woke up with a swollen face this morning. Otherwise, I was going to write about the fact that he came home from France with one chocolate bar. One. That's right. No other chocolate. Three bottles of wine, some croissants and ONE chocolate bar.
Instead of giving him a hard time, I am a little woozy from Benadryl and drinking an espresso to counteract the sleepy qualities.
It all started on Sunday when I bought a new moisturizer. I went to the Aveda store, which I love. Almost all of my "beauty" products are Aveda. And I've been using my travel store of moisturizer since we had the driveway redone in August.
I went to buy my usual tourmaline moisturizer and inquired about eye cream. They didn't have any except the kind I had an allergic reaction to. However, the saleslady continued, I could try the "Embrightenment" moisturizer which would have a similar effect around my eyes. It was 20 dollars more, but if it could work as moisturizer and eye cream, I was really coming out ahead, right?
So I brought it home and used it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
Yesterday afternoon, I could feel a slight sandpaper type rash on my neck. As the evening progressed, my skin was itchy and I could feel the rash along my jawline. This morning in bed with my husband, who came home from a week in France and brought only one pre-wrapped chocolate bar, I could feel that sand papery feel over all of my face. And my face felt really tight.
That's when I got up and looked in the mirror.
My whole face was swollen and my eyes had a definite Asian slant to them.
Oh! So that's how the moisturizer works. It gets rid of wrinkles by making your face puff out. I have no wrinkles, but the space between my eyelids is definitely smaller since my eyes are swollen too.
So, I took a Benadryl and I'm drinking the coffee since I have to teach starting at 8.
Then I'll have to head back to the Aveda store to see if they'll replace the rash-causing moisturizer with my old standby.
What I can't understand is that Aveda said it is replacing products to make them more natural. Apparently, my face cannot handle more natural. Bring me some synthetic products!


Anonymous said...

Too funny

Lucia said...

Oh not good! I use a Aveno Radiance Moisturizer or Oil of Olay! No wrinkles, at least that's what my friend Nigel told me last night at dinner! "You have absolutely no wrinkles, your skin is lovely!" then again it could be hereditary too! Verification word is ALTICENO??

Linda said...

I've been using some French products that I like but I don't know how much they work. If they all worked as well as they advertised, I would look 20.

Sheila said...

that's crazy that you have an allergic reaction to the Aveda products, I wonder what it is causing the problem. You should compare the labels of this cream and the one that you know causes you problems.

renee alberts said...

I am currently looking into placental therapy for Rejuvenation of skin. It promises to be an all-natural supplement which will improve look and appearance.

Sierra Whittington said...

My! Allergic reactions can be fatal. You shouldn’t have tried using that product if you already knew you’re allergic to it. You must be very careful in trying out products, especially if they are not prescribed by a professional.

Sierra Whittington

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