Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Concrete Beauty

This hole in the concrete is affecting my beauty routine.

No, I didn’t fall in it and scrape myself.
It’s just that the hole in the concrete, and then the filling of it, costs $2000. Because of my lack of planning, I am running out of important beauty products the same week we are shelling out money for new concrete. I’m scrimping and searching through my gym bag to find backup beauty products.
The first crisis came with my Aveda confixor, a liquid hair gel that smells fabulous. People frequently comment on the scent and I have gotten to the point when people say, “What smells good?” that I answer, “Oh, it’s my hair gel.” It does more than smell good though. It changes the texture of my hair. I look better the minute I smooth it in my hair. So running out of confixor made me a little panicked. I found a small unmarked bottle in my gym bag. It seemed like the same consistency as confixor, but the smell was different. I’ve been using it sparingly.
As the week has passed, I’ve been scraping my finger in the inside of this beautiful green jar of Aveda moisturizer so I can dab it on my face.
I feel like a kid trying to get the last of the Nutella from the container.
Soon though, another payday will roll around and I’ll be able to stock up on my beauty products, plus sit on the luxurious concrete apron behind the garage. That’s right. I’m not going to pay $2000 for a slab of concrete and let people ignore it. If I have to sacrifice beauty for this hunk of rock, everyone who visits is going to take the time to admire it.


Linda said...

I'm a face cream junky myself. I have to stay out of places that sell beauty products or I buy something. I'm trying to use up things before I buy something new.

judi said...

you might have to downgrade to pond's cold cream and invest in fragrant soap (dial makes a nice green bar).

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

$2,000 for a small slab of concrete like that?? Who would have thought?

I'm an Oil of Olay products gal for my face (as was my mom, and she had really nice skin).

I also like that green and red bar dial soap Judi mentioned.

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