Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Anti-Aging Secret Revealed

Okay, it's settled. I have to go to France again to find out the secret of youth. Somehow, they apparently know how to look young at a very advanced age.
Is there some fountain of youth? Some beauty cream? Some food that they eat?
I am determined to figure it out.
How do I know this antiaging secret exists?
Here's a picture of Earl with our friend Marguerite when they went out to dinner along the Rue Mouffetard the other night:

Should I tell you how old she is or should I let you guess?
I'll let you guess for now.
What do you think?
Age Revealed: Thanks to everyone who guessed. Marguerite is 85.


Lucia said...

i'm gonna say 80 something...but looking 60's.

quirky girls said...

I am going to venture and say it is the better work/life balance that keeps them young. Not as much stress. I remember when I lived in France I was shocked to see how much slower the pace of life is, how much more time people had to spend with their friends on a weekly basis, how much more time they had to enjoy their lunches. The shorter work week combined with the ample vacation time and longer lunches. That must be it. :)


Stephanie said...


Quirky Girls - I think you are absolutely correct with your theory about work/life balance. We should all take heed.

Linda said...

She has really great skin and looks 60ish to me.

Michelle said...

she looks marvelous! I remember our time with her as if it were yesterday. I continue to tell my kids how lovely it was to listen to her english accent and her fluent french, my two grandmothers combined in one!
Viva la Marguerite!

Charles Cage said...

I guessed her to be 70-something. But I have to say that she looks 60 something. Pictures could be deceiving, but I bet she looks even younger in person. She also reminds me of my mother, as my mom also looks younger than her age. That's why a lot of people mistake her for my sister.

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