Sunday, September 25, 2011


Here it is, the beginning of another quarter at college.
I teach an online class, and everybody who forgot to register sends me an email asking if they can get in my online class. If there are openings, I let them join -- first come, first served.
Luckily, all the spots were gone when I got this email:
Good afternoot my name is jennifer mxxxx, iam interesten in taking your web class and iam asked for a signature from you please let me know what i need to do next.
thanks in advance

I emailed Jennifer back to tell her that I already had a class full of students, and suggested that some of the other teachers had openings. She should ask them.
Then I added a P.S. to her email.
"You may want to correct your spelling and punctuation before you ask another teacher."
Today I heard back from her, "thanks"
No punctuation. No capitalization.
I hope she gets in a class.


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

See my feeling here is all that "texting" has taught young people to be extra brief, even when it's inappropriate! LOL

Have a great week Paulita.

Jill said...

Punctuation and misspelling really bothers me, so much so that my first and third words look wrong to me now. It is scary how much we all relie on spell check to know if we got things right or not.

Just Me said...

Giggles n grins. Looks like an email from me. It's so hard to find all the right keys using my phone. God forbid I decide to change what I,m trying to say, you could get anything.

judi said...

great photo. hilarious blog post.

Linda said...

She writes as if English isn't her first language. I hope that's the reason.

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