Thursday, June 23, 2011

College Choices

The problem with picking a college, is that there are too many choices today.
When I went to school (long, long ago), I looked at some colleges around Ohio and Kentucky, then chose one. Today, kids get letters from colleges across the country, and they consider them.
Grace is deciding which college to attend this fall. She can go back to the one in north country New York.
Crisp, fall days. Adirondack chairs. Football games. Earl's favorite
Or she could pick a college closer to home with a good reputation that has shady green space and brick walkways.

It has music pavilions and impressive language programs.
Or, a student could be lured by the vacation feel and pick this college that we visited in Florida with its own private beach. Here's Tucker reluctantly dragged along on the tour.
The college also has a place where students can use kayaks and canoes, sailboats, fishing gear. Wouldn't this feel like a permanent vacation?Would my child get any work done?This is the theater set on a lake. The library is also along the waterfront with a wall full of windows.
In two months, Grace will be going off to college again. We just aren't sure where. The thing is, they are all good choices.
Each one will give her something different. Each one will send her life down a different path. There aren't right or wrong paths, just different journeys.


judifreud said...

i love your closing comment. it's something i need to remember.

Delana@dujour said...

You're right, each little decision changes a life. How cool is that! The problem, however, with all those exotic locations is called "out of state tuition"!

Just Me said...

judifreud who are you - my thoughts exactly

Linda said...

I heard Judge Judy being interviewed not long ago. A young man told her that he had been accepted at three law schools and which one should he choose. She said the one with the least partying and distractions. I think that's pretty good advice.

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