Friday, April 15, 2011

Weighty Visits

Today I had a doctor appointment. I hadn't been to the doctor in awhile. You know what I dreaded the most? Getting weighed.
Ridiculous. I'm an adult woman with strong self esteem. My husband would be happy to tell you that I never think I'm wrong. Yet the idea of walking in and being weighed by the nurse makes me feel like a junior high girl trying to get in with the popular crowd. I never think I'll measure up.
In honor of the weigh-in, I gave up wheat for the week because I immediately feel thinner when I don't eat wheat. I also avoided eating red meat all week in case the doctor wanted to test my cholesterol.
I exercised every morning, but I usually exercise most mornings, so it wasn't that different.
This morning, I fasted, water only before my appointment. Of course, I said that was so they could take my blood, but it also might have been because of that sliding metal arrow on the scale. Why does the scale at the doctor always weigh heavier than any other scale?
As I got dressed, I picked my lightest weight clothes. Luckily, it was warm out. I wore cotton capris, a short sleeve t-shirt and my crocs. The outfit would not have won any fashion awards, but it probably weighed a pound at the most.
Now for most people going to the doctor, getting weighed should be the least of our problems. We don't visit the doctor simply because she's funny. We usually have a medical concern. There are times though that I avoid going, even if I need to, because I don't want to be weighed.
I guess it's time to get over that. If I don't like my weight then I had better change it rather than avoid the doctor.
The problem with being a woman in the United States is that no matter what our weight, we're never satisfied with it. In my late 20s and through my childbirthing years, my weight stayed at 118 pounds. After each baby, it slid right back to 118 with very little effort. Yet, never in my life have I thought of myself as thin or slim or even "just right." So it doesn't really matter what the scale says. The picture I have of myself is embedded, whether the arrow on the scale moves up or down.
What about you? Do you dread visiting the doctor?


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I was nodding my head as I read this post, and YES I hate getting weighed at the doctors.

I use to have a doctor that never address my being overweight, because I did not have and medical issues even when I hit 50. My new doctor always mentions that perhaps I might want to consider trying WW etc, and I nod my head, and leave the office without giving it much thought...but that scale --it is so intimidating...LOL

Linda said...

Hate the scale too. Wait until you are older-the weight gets really hard to keep off. The time before l went to a new doctor my weight was down because I had been really sick so she told me I had gained weight this last time. After I left I then remembered about my previous weight loss. I'm hoping when I go this time my weight will have maintained, or even gone down a bit. I am exercising everyday but not eating less.

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