Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pony Tail Holders

Just to get rid of the photo of the asparagus that creeps out Dream Girl, I'll write my yearly fashion column.
Have you seen these new pony tail holders?

Grace brought one home from a swim meet. She always pulls her hair in a ponytail before she puts on her cap, but she frequently doesn't have a ponytail holder. She borrowed this one from Leah, and I love it. It's my current favorite.
It looks like tie dye, don't ya think?
I found some similar ones at the store and bought them.

They're very mod, and the colors are fab, but I still like the white and peach one better.
How can they come up with new, improved ponytail holders. They've been around for years.
Have you found a little thing, like a change in ponytail holders, that makes you think, why didn't they do that before?


Stephanie said...

Tankini's (though they have been out for several years now) are one of THE best updates in swimwear. You're covered, but it's still easy to go to the bathroom. Plus, they are versatile in that you can still tan your abs semi-discreetly.

I love those pony tail holders, though I'm guessing I have at least 2 years before I'll be able to use one myself. I'll have to get some for MacKenzie. Ooh! Maybe I'll put one on my ponytail that I cut off in December and saved (that sounds creepy, doesn't it?).

Anonymous said...

Those are really nice pony tail holders. I have some that I bought and they hold my hair in place very well. There are so many crappy pony tail holders these days that just break when you try to put them into your hair or they slip out so its really nice to actually find a brand that works and is cute too!


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