Sunday, July 25, 2010

Going Backward

This morning when I walked outside at 6:30, either I had a hot flash, a cold sweat and fever, or it is just incredibly hot and humid outside.
Any of those seem plausible, although I haven't yet had hot flashes, but I have been sick the past couple of days.
The heat and the illness combined with a new "eating plan" are what set me back this morning as I attempted to go for a run that felt like an uphill climb the whole way. I literally was too weak to run very far. I thought about turning back and coming home. Then I determined to run a block and walk a block throughout my whole route.
It felt humbling to go from running 9 miles a few weeks ago to running blocks at a time. Sometimes I would run two blocks then walk a block. As I was on my way back from my 3.5 mile route, in one of my walking blocks, a guy in a Jeep pulled up next to me.
"I saw you running tired. Want some water?" He held out a small bottle.
"No, thanks," I said. "Almost home."
(See, Earl. I'm not paranoid that people pay attention in our little burg whether I'm walking or slacking off.)
My friend Dream Girl claims that you never regret going for a run.
I'm not sure I feel grateful that I went for a run/walk, but I am glad that it's over for today.


Sheila said...

In the book it talks about NOT doing a strenuous workout during the first 3 weeks of the program. maybe you need to make some changes in the eating plan if you're going to continue to run. I really think you need to get her newest book that has a life long plan to eating, instead of the 21 day jump start.

Dream Girl said...

I think it's amazing that you felt that crappy, yet you still continued with your workout. Pretty impressive.

I think Sheila may have a point about changing your diet so drastically. Didn't something like this happen before when you tried a new eating program?

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