Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Of Course

As if to prove me wrong in my past two blog posts, yesterday I managed to run 3.5 miles, work on my novel, exercise with Grace, make pancakes for Grace before she left for work and Spencer after he finished his workout at the gym. Then I answered emails to my students and planned my next class. I successfully wore all my hats, although my husband, who did laundry and moved a new refrigerator into the basement, may point out that I didn't play the role of wife very well. Today, I'm just tired and going to get to work on grading papers.
My other blog post, reminiscing about those chubby little hands, was put to rest when both of my boys were incredibly surly rather than snuggly. They both got grounded in the space of 10 minutes as they sniped at the rest of the family. Of course, this was as we were planning family night -- enforced time together.
All three of the kids requested an at-home family night. I think they were afraid we'd plan another 22-mile bike ride. We talked about dinner and renting a movie. Grace was scheduled to work until 5. In the middle of the afternoon, a thunderstorm came through so she walked in the door at 3. Shortly thereafter, we lost power. We opened the windows and the air outside that had cooled during the thunderstorm quickly heated back up into the 80s so we had a nice sauna effect.
I looked through the newspapers for a movie we could all agree on. At least it would be cool in the theater. No concensus.
So I made dinner early, goat cheese pasta with peas and ham. Sitting around the dinner table, we were sweltering. I grabbed a section of the newspaper to fan myself. Earl remembered the hand fans we had at our outdoor wedding, little paper fans shaped like palm fronds on wooden sticks. He got one for each of us and we sat at the dinner table fanning ourselves in the heat. Well, Tucker, in a snit about something, had already abandoned the dining room for the couch.
We talked about walking to the ice cream shop downtown, but the kids protested. The car had air conditioning.
"Couldn't we just drive around in the car and listen to Harry Potter?" Spencer asked. We all still love the Harry Potter CDs.
We drove to get ice cream then, ever the optimists, decided to rent a movie in case the electricity came back on.
I stood outside the grocery store waiting in line for the Redbox Video rental. It began to rain. Thunder rumbled. Lightning struck close enough to make me jump. Still, I valiantly waited for the video. (Where are all the heroes today? People willing to brave a lightning strike for a good movie?)
I got Men Who Stare at Goats and when we returned home, the power was back on! We closed the windows and turned on the air conditioning. We're becoming such typical Americans. We used to go most of the summer without air conditioning so I could leave the windows open and hear the kids playing outside. Now they don't play outside.
No complaints from the movie. Everyone stayed to watch, but family night broke up early after that. I went to bed, Grace went out with friends and the boys headed to the basement of entertainment -- XBox and computer games.


Sheila said...

Ahh teenagers, I was one of those brave soul's willing to walk to the redbox in the rain and lightening to get our movies. :) I got to splash through puddles the whole way there, it was fun. I just wish Thomas felt the same way. Daniel in a moment of complete sweetness went to Target in the middle of the storm and bought his brother noise canceling headphones so he wouldn't be able to hear the storm. He didn't even ask me for the $55 that he spent on them (which I did transfer into his acct the next day.) So we also had movie night at our house, Astro Boy. Pretty good movie for a kid movie.

Next time you're heading out for ice cream with the kids you may want to consider Cuzzins frozen yogurt at Lane Ave mall. Thomas and I went and it was really yummy. You fill your own cup with soft serve then add your toppings. It's like .42 an oz so be careful! But you can also get your own tastes of all the flavors (I think there were like 6 or 8.)

Makayla said...

Congrats on running 3 and a half miles. Running is such great exercise! It sounds like you had a very productive and eventful day!

Mmmnnn ice cream, that is always a nice treat on a very warm day!

I have never seen that movie before, although I have heard about it and I have been told its really good by some people and other people said it wasn't very good at all. So, I guess I am just going to have to watch it and decide for myself how good it is!

I just love reading your blog!

Linda said...

At least you hung in there and try to have a family night. I would be tempted to cancel the whole thing. I love the fragrance after a rain. We haven't had one in a long time.

Makayla said...

A part of me didn't even want to know how much I was spending, but it was definitely eye opening. Sugar is so addictive! Good for you for doing the two week diet from sugar! That is really impressive! Thank you for the comment!

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