Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Brings Tears to My Eyes

I know that I complain about my kids a lot, but I want to make sure I also appreciate them when they go a step above the normal teenager.
I was in the kitchen yesterday evening sauteeing tomatoes for my tomato and turkey omelette when I heard the bathroom door open and then the creak of the hall closet door.
A knock at the front door drew my attention and I waved in Forrest, one of Tucker's friends.
"Is he in the basement?" Forrest asked as Tucker emerged from the bathroom.
I didn't think anything more of those squeaking doors until I went in the bathroom later that evening.
There, on the toilet paper holder, was a fresh roll of toilet paper.
That's right. My 15-year-old son went to the closet and got a new roll of toilet paper and put it on the toilet roll holder with the end coming over the top, the same way I always do.
I'm feeling so proud and a little verklempt. Forget swimming fast or getting good grades at school, changing the toilet paper roll is where you can see the real mettle of a man -- or, future man.
And I've included a picture of cats and toilet paper, because this could happen at my house too, but it hasn't...yet.

Photo from: http://www.lolpix.com/_pics/Funny_Pictures_671/Funny_Pictures_67113.jpg


Linda said...

It's a miracle!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

yes, those little miracles mean so much to moms of teenagers...LOL

The cats pics are awesome, and we do have one cat who likes to eat the TP.

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