Saturday, March 05, 2011

Blue Eyes

The next couple of days are filled with "end of the season" banquets. Sunday we'll spend the day at Ohio University for YMCA swim champs then go straight to the high school swim banquet. Monday is the winter sports awards at the high school and then Tuesday is the basketball banquet.
Since I'll be gone all day Sunday, I already prepared a double batch of manicotti. Spencer will put it in the oven for me on Sunday so we can snatch it up and get to the swim banquet.
The mom in charge of basketball banquet texted and asked for a first grade photo of Spencer. Of course, Spencer never went to first grade. I searched through stacks of pictures. Almost every picture of my kids when they are younger is outside. The only indoor pictures I could find were violin recitals or chess tournaments.
Finally, I scanned in one of the pictures of Spencer on the beach and cropped it down to a headshot.
Isn't it adorable?


Sheila said...

it is adorable, my how he's grown up

Lucia said...

Beautiful BLUES!

Anonymous said...

Sooo Adorable. OMG. He still looks the same too.

Thanks for sharing !

Michelle said...

That's the Spencer I remember swimming in my pool! <3
I hope all your "end of seasons" go wonderfully!

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