Tuesday, May 09, 2017

So Many Towns to Love

It's an embarrassment of riches for us as we travel from beautiful town to beautiful town. How will we possibly choose?
Today, we traveled to Beziers. I didn't expect to like it. It's a bit bigger than a city I planned on moving to, but holy mackerel, I fell for it.
We parked in a parking garage and when we emerged into the town square, really more like a swatch of park that runs the length of most of the downtown, it was filled with veterans and town dignitaries all walking behind a military band. We followed along for awhile.

Meandering through the town filled with traditional French architecture, we took pictures of roof tops before stopping along the parkway for a coffee.

Earl noted that it's a good town to grow old in because in addition to park benches along the way, it had some glider swings at the coffee shop.
The town has a Galeries Lafayette, which is a French department store, and right next door a Casino grocery store. We grabbed some fruit and some chocolate for dinner since Monday is a holiday and we didn't want to be caught without food.  
We went in search of the cathedral which is made from black lava rock, but we never actually made it there. We came out on such a lovely square

 and since the clock on top of the bell tower had already struck 1, we decided to sit down for lunch.
The best meal I've eaten in France this trip -- pillows of pastry envelooping chicken, mushrooms and em-mental cheese. Then came the pork and fries that tasted like fair fries with just a hint of sweetness to them and slightly limp.

After walking through town, enamored of every wrought iron balcony painted a leaf green or periwinkle blue, we made our way back to the car and drove down to the beach, about 25 kilometers away.

So much to consider, but this location seems nearly ideal.


Anonymous said...

!?!?!? I took an identical photo of the mairie on Sunday. We had lunch on the square there, at le Millefeuille. Delicious. We stopped on our way back from the brocante fair in Pézenas. Maybe it was the weather, but I also enjoyed Béziers more this weekend than on other visits.
The cathedral of black lava is in the next town, Agde. It's very impressive.

Paulita said...

Yes, we definitely need to visit again to make sure we weren't seduced by the beautiful weather

Jeanie said...

After every post I go to wikipedia and look up your town on a map! It's such fun to follow you on your excursion!

Unknown said...

That town looks beautiful and sounds perfect!!

http://www.barefootinhawaii said...

Hey! I met you online years ago when my family moved to Paris for a year. I have twins who are now 13! Anywho, wanted to pop in and congratulate you on this adventure! So happy for you!!!! Xo!Gina Johnson

Paulita said...

Jeannie, Great idea. I'll probably do more research after I get home. Thanks for following along.
Reading Tounwind, we're agog by the beauty. Thanks for commenting.
Gina, so happy to hear from you again. Hope you are doing well. Are you really in Hawaii?

http://www.barefootinhawaii said...

We sure are, we moved here three years ago. Enjoy your new adventure!

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