Saturday, May 20, 2017

Perfect Breakfast

I don't mean to sound like a whiner. I mean who goes to France and complains about things? But this morning I finally got a perfect French breakfast. That is to say a kind of breakfast that I always hope for when I'm in France.
We've been staying in Airbnb's, so we were responsible for our own breakfast. I resorted to using coffee bags like teabags, or, horror of horrors, Nescafé instant coffee. It was not the pitcher of coffee accompanied by a small pitcher of steamed milk that I had dreamed of.
We checked into a hotel in Paris yesterday and they said we could have the breakfast buffet for €16 each or breakfast in our room for €10 each. I ordered the €10 breakfast for each of us and this morning at 8 AM A man knocked at the door with the tray and set it on the bed. Voilà!
There on the tray with the silver pitcher of coffee and a small white ceramic pitcher of steamed milk. Heaven! 
That's not to mention the plate with the little croissant, little chocolate croissant and a little escargot -- which is what they call these little pastries that are circular with raisins in them. We also had part of a baguette and three types of jam to choose from, along with packets of butter just the perfect temperature to spread on bread
Now I feel complete. On to the Musées D'Orsay today. 


Mystica said...

Like the escargot description!

Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

What a delightful surprise, without having to leave your room! I'd love to know the name of your hotel because our favourite, petit Parisian hotel was recently renovated to add a couple of stars to its ratings and a couple of hundred euros to its daily rate :(

Philippe F. said...

Hello Paulita! You make me laugh when I read your writing : " A little escargot "! In France this pastry is rather called " un pain aux raisins " ( or " un pain Russe/ Russian bread " ).Also we rather say "un pain au chocolat" instead of "a chocolate croissant". So I hope that I could help your french a little bit. Enjoy your last few days in France with your husband Earl before a safe come back in Colombus.

Anonymous said...

To Philippe: It must be regional. I know the "escargot" as "pain aux raisins" or "couque suisse" or even brioche suisse.

Just Me said...

Sounds and looks like a little piece of heaven.

Philippe F. said...

Hello Francetaste! You are right with the regional expression " Pain Russe": that comes from the city of Lyon.Whatever we call it this pastry is a delight. Have a good week-end.

Anonymous said...

Always good to be spoilt - although I'm not usually a breakfast-in-bed sort.

Paulita said...

Mystica, Yes, but I wouldn't really want a snail for breakfast.
Elizabeth, Yes, an equally delicious breakfast both days.
Philippe, You can see how speaking in different languages ends up with things being quite muddled. I think I even ordered this pain aux raisins in the bakery as an escargot and the baker knew what I was talking about. In the U.S., we get a French manicure with white tips on the end, but apparently in France, they call it an American manicure. I wonder if I'll ever get my French language straight. I have a lot of work to do.
Francetaste, Ok, that confuses me even more. Maybe I'd better just point to what I want.
Just Me, It made me heart and my stomach happy.
Philippe, Now that I'm home, I'd especially take one of those whatever it's called.
Catherine, I'm usually up too early for breakfast in bed, but the room was so small it was our only option for breakfast.

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