Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Catching Up

I've just finished a few intense days, returning from France and all that entails, two grocery store trips, four loads of laundry, cleaning, greeting family, paying bills, etc...
But I also needed to finish a training course for my online teaching. The training began on May 15 and lasted until today, May 24.
Of course, I was traveling in France. I didn't want to spend extra time inside doing a training course. But we had been warned that if we did not complete the training, we would not receive classes to teach in July.
So I did a few of the modules while in France.
This is a wall in the Paris airport made of actual living plants. I thought it was incredibly cool. 

Monday, I thought I would get a bunch done, but with the grocery and the laundry and the general exhaustion, I did not.
That meant that Tuesday was wholly devoted to working on the training, and this morning, just a few minutes ago, I completed the training.
What a relief.
Now I'll have time to visit other people's blogs, read a book -- oh, wait. I still have grading to do for the class I'm currently teaching, plus I have to prepare for the in-person college course that begins next week.
Still, what a relief that I finished the training.
Thanks to everyone who visited and commented while I was traveling in France. I can't wait until I am over there full time, writing leisurely posts about my life in France.
This was the Tuleries Garden with the Eiffel Tower in the background on our last evening in France. 


Anonymous said...

CDG and all the other French airports I've been in (Toulouse!!) are so stylish. Barcelona and Frankfurt are pretty nice, too.
Good luck getting caught up. That's never easy.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get some time to relax, too, amidst all these other demands!

Jeanie said...

Welcome home. You must still be in jetlag! And loads to do. Good luck with it all!

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