Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My Morning

So many things to blog about but I don't want to spend my vacation blogging, so I thought I'd share a few pictures before we continue our exploring.
I'm usually an early riser, but I've been lollygagging a bit -- it is vacation.
We're on a 6-hour time difference from home.
Apparently Grace was still awake at midnight and she texted me, assuming I'd be up at 6. I was awake, planning to get up to see the sunrise this morning -- I've missed it every other morning.
So after her text, I took a few pictures.

And then a few minutes later as the color continued to spread.

It has been confusing to me how the sun can rise in the east behind the mountains and set in the west behind the mountains, but a hike today affirmed that this little village is nestled with mountains all around.

This is a panorama photo on my iPhone. It goes about 180 degrees around the path that we were walking this morning, but I could have continued to take the picture all the way around to show the mountains surround us.
We walked for an hour this morning, about three miles.
And then I ran back to the apartment -- uphill, while Earl went to the boulangerie for our breakfast.
I haven't run much here because I have found flat areas to run. I don't mind running uphill, although I'm not in shape for it, but running downhill is a killer on me.
As we decide where we want to live in the future, I'm torn.
I love walking in the mountains, the views, the feeling of the mountains embracing me to their bosom, swaddling me.
But I wonder if my running years will be limited with so many downhills.
What do you think running friends?
No matter what I did or didn't do to my knees this morning, I got a lovely pastry for breakfast when my husband returned from the bakery.
I usually go for a chocolate croissant or a plain croissant, but he knows that I've been obsessed with cafe eclairs, so he got one for me for breakfast.
Hope you're having a lovely day too.
We're off to another market.


Just Me said...

Thank you so much for the morning pictures. Please don't spend too much time blogging, you can do that when you get back home. Although we all love it. I strongly agree that downhill is tough on the knees but I wouldn't dare vote either way on something so important. P.S. You would make it work either way anyway. Smiles.

Paulita said...

Thanks. I thought of you when I posted these pictures. Also, there's that adorable mule that came running up to us this morning because Earl gave him an apple core on Sunday. Today we bought apples and have to take them back up tomorrow because the mule was disappointed.

Doodle T said...

What lovely photos...definitely worth the early morning to capture these early morning pinks. :)

Noreen said...

Or would living in the mountains extend your running life? There must be a way to do it, right? Such a decision! I think it comes down to where you feel the most "at home" - the most happy. I agree with Just Me - I know that you will make it work either way : )

Philippe F. said...

Your little anecdote about meeting a mule is adorable Paulita! Thanks to share your vacation trip events.Enjoy France countryside as much as you can.

John Phillips said...

Paulita, I spent time tonight catching up on your adventures through the blog...FB details are not as complete! We are anxious to hear of your decision process and eventual choice of town/village. Lots of possibilities seen so far, and many more to come, I'm sure. Full speed ahead you two, this is great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Well worth a visit is the market at Mirepoix on Mondays. Very lively, and the town is so pretty, with half-timbered houses around the main square. Lots of antique shops.

Jeanie said...

I'm way behind! But your sunrise is fabulous.

Be careful of your knees, OK? You don't want to start your new life in pain!

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