Friday, April 04, 2014


Since the beginning of the year, I've been blogging like a whirlwind, but these past few weeks, I've had my writing soul sucked out as I deal with children complications.
And I really don't want to write about them. I'm tired of thinking about them.
I'd like to just be selfish for a little while.
I have one more class to teach on Friday night and then I'm going to take some me time this weekend.
Do you ever take time for you?
What kinds of ways do you spoil yourself?


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Being a mom is tough no matter what their age:( Take some time for you

Just Me said...

Good for you, regardless of what you choose to do or not do.

Enjoy & recharge.

One of my guilty pleasures is a nice long (change into my p.j.'s) nap with the t.v. set to a very quiet station like PBS.

Paulita said...

Putting my pj's on now and watching Bride Day with a glass of wine, because I can.

Just Me said...

Ha ! Perfect Start.

Jeanie said...

Sorry you are going through the kid angst. Been there; done that (sometimes, still do -- you'd think it end when they are adults. Bad news -- it doesn't!

Yes, I'll take time for me on occasion (though now that I'm retired, pretty much all of it is for me.) Just puttering, maybe a movie (at home or out), and buying myself flowers. Art time, too!

Linda said...

Since I've retired and my children have grown, I have a lot of time for just me. I took time off now and then when I was in your shoes but, mostly, I just had to slog my way through it. A divorce certainly didn't help. Hang in there. It will get better. Unless you have to raise your grandchildren.

Lucia said...
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Lucia said...

all the time! I'm very selfish. I'm Taurean and I believe in pampering myself. ;)

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