Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Complete

I'm not good at preparing -- preparing for parties, preparing for Christmas. I'm always stressed about it. Once a party or Christmas starts, I'm fine, but the prep makes me grumpy.
This year, between traveling to pick up kids in college and trying to throw a 75th birthday party for my mother, I was extra harried. Well, the party was cancelled due to a stomach virus that passed through my parents and brother's family, but we still got to celebrate Christmas.
I think this pic of the cat amidst the debris of Christmas summed it all up pretty well.

And the kids looked pretty satiated afterward too.
After we celebrated at home Christmas morning, we were headed to Earl's sister's house and there we would see little Caroline. I had planned to sew a princess dress for her, and Christmas morning it wasn't finished. Grace helped me put elastic in the puffy sleeves and I ironed, pinned and hemmed the dress as I watched the clock tick past the time we were to arrive. Earl and the boys went on without us as I continued to work on the dress. Finally, we finished and, although it's far from perfect, Caroline loved it.
Hope your Christmas was magical and created many fond memories, like mine did.


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time -- even the cat:)

judi said...

love the dress! well done, Paulita.
love the authentic smiles! well done, Santa.

Just Me said...

I love the look of the house and the kids after Christmas had been had. Totally brings back wonderfully fond memories.

Two words pulling together the beautiful dress at the last minute PROJECT RUNWAY... and BRAVO TV.

Baby Caroline is now little Caroline.

Thanks as always for sharing.

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