Sunday, May 09, 2010

Let's Dance

When our French friend Marie visited, we found out that things we take for granted are really foreign in other countries. She was flabbergasted to learn that high schools actually had musicals. She couldn't believe that marching bands actually existed. I'm not sure what she would have said about prom.
So, how to explain prom to those who aren't familiar with it. It's a dance - a formal dance for juniors and seniors in high school. That means most of them are 17 or 18, but they can invite the younger high schoolers.. The kids get dressed up. The girls have manicures and sometimes pedicures and sometimes up-dos for their hair. Some groups of kids will rent limousines and travel to prom in style. All the better to drink and not get caught drunk driving. But those were the kinds of things I thought about during prom.
Here's a picture of Grace and me, her short mother, without a fancy dress or an up-do. Her dress was fairly risque, but she loved it and she looked gorgeous.
Grace and her date went to prom with a fairly innocent group. Her date Sean is a very nice guy who she knew she could count on to dance. A lot of high school guys are uncomfortable dancing. And the best thing about Sean is that he is 6-feet, 3-inches tall, so Grace could wear heels and not tower over him. You can see from this group picture that she and Sean are by far the tallest.
After the parents insisted on interminable pictures, the group went to dinner at Buca di Beppa then to the dance. According to Grace, the music wasn't great and there were way too many slow songs rather than dance songs. After prom ends at midnight, they all go to afterprom, which was held at the Ohio State rec center. It includes basketball courts and big fields of turf, a climbing wall, movie rooms, and a place for card games. Those are the things I know about. The kids stayed there until 3:30 a.m. Then they all went to a friend's house and crashed on couches and chairs and the floors.
They fixed breakfast this morning -- bacon pancakes, and some of them still appeared perky after so little sleep, and a little ice cream cake to give them a sugar rush.


Linda said...

I bet it did seem strange to a foreigner to see what happens in high schools in the States. My husband's son was amazed at the amount of drinking he saw, mostly beer. This was when he went to college for two years in the States (2 years in Frace). That's not to say they don't drink in France because they do, just not keg parties and the like. An American teacher at his college in France instituted a sort of celebration for graduation with students performing acts and then there was dancing afterwards-parents were there too for a dinner. The French kids loved it. No drinking that I could see.

Sheila said...

Grace has grown into such a poised and beautiful young women. I'm am so happy that I've had the opportunity to watch her grow up. I'm happy for you guys that you moved and the kids got to experience such a great highschool experience.
She is going to do great when she goes away to college.

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