Friday, April 30, 2010

The Atlantique

Our friends in Nantes are quite the tour guides. They always have a big plan for us. Yesterday, after lunch they drove us to the cliffs of Quiberon.

But wait, there's more. After we walked along the cliffs and saw this bluest ever sky. Earl's attempting to make a suave, debonair face, but I'm really just using him as a contrast for the sky.
And as we walked along the sandy path of the cliffs, we saw this arch worn away from years of waves beating at the granite cliffs.
Then we watched the weather come in from the ocean, sweeping away the bluest sky and threatening rain. Rain? On our 20th anniversary trip? How dare it?

Our friends' daughter Isabelle, who stayed with us in the U.S. 11 years ago, is home from Poland. We had planned to return home in time to celebrate her birthday but the time got away from us. So we stopped for dinner at a creperie. Let me correct my information from yesterdays crepe versus galette report. The difference between and crepe and a galette is the type of flour that is used. Crepes use white flour and galettes use some type of dark grain, according to my friend Danuta..
The way home with our friends is never direct. We stopped at a church named after St. Cornelius that had wainscotting in the vaults of the church that were painted with church scenes. Visitors could put a Euro in the slot to turn the lights on and illuminate the paintings. Then,since we were so close, we drove to the standing stones of Carnac. I don't know a lot about the standing stones, but I always pictured them as a ring of stones, like at Stonehenge. Wrong. These standing stones form lines of sorts, but they go on for miles and miles, as if these ancient people had nothing better to do then position stones through every season of their lives. I do wish I knew what they were for, and I wondered what in our daily lives we might think is normal that someday other people will wonder about.
We stopped at another place along this peninsula where the climate makes the water warm and I let the ocean run onto my feet.
We didn't get home until 11. Staying with tour guides is exhausting!


Sheila said...

that sounds like an awesome day.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't stop. I haven't any other words to describe the wonderful vacation we're all having.

One last thanks!

Wawawiwi said...

Wow, what a wonderful journey! Very beautiful

Linda said...

I love that area of France. It's so interesting.

BFF said...

Idoes look like Ireland but what I really love is how the churches in Europe (France, Ireland) seem so lived in, not a place to visit on Sunday but a place to be a pat of your life. I love that

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