Thursday, April 29, 2010

Food, Glorious Food

(Do you think I overuse the word glorious? Really, it should be a fairly rare occurence.)
I should have written about food today because we had some of the best meals. The day was spent trying to track down gifts that are apparently non-existent. In France, we found all kinds of NBA jerseys, even a USA olympics jersey with the names of players on the back, but no French basketball jerseys. Come on? Not even a team France with Tony Parker's name on the back?
After giving up on le basket, we tried to find French Open gear. Here in France, they don't call it the French Open. They call it Roland Garros after the stadium where it is held. A man in the Nike (prounced NIKE to rhyme with bike) store told us about a tennis shop over near the Champs Elysee. Metro and buses later, we arrived in a tennis shop that did not include in Roland Garros gear. Discouraged, we began to look for a lunch place.

Down a side street, we found a restaurant de Normande. That meant we got to have galettes, which are like crepes but they have savory food in them. For the 13 E menu, we each had a meal galette, a dessert crepe and a cup of cider, which isn't like apple cider, but more like beer with a tingle. Earl's galette had tomatoes, ham and cheese. Mine had bacon, potatoes, cheese. Hmmm. His dessert crepe was apple and mine was, of course, chocolate.
More walking, more shopping, more sightseeing. We went up to Montmartre to enjoy the view. The steps leading to Sacre Coeur are filled with teenagers watching breakdancers at the bottom. Guys walk along with 12-packs of Heineken selling individual beers like they're at a ball park. All too surreal.

Spencer's wish from France was a French basketball jersey. Since we couldn't make that wish come true, we decided to eat his favorite French meal. Steak Frites. He begins to salivate just thinking of it.
My blogging friend Linda who lives in Paris in the winter and Provence in the summer told me about the best steak frites place in the city, so we made our way there around 8 p.m. It's on Georges V, near the Champs Elysee again. The restaurant only serves steak and fries. There is no ordering, only the question of how you want your meat done.
We had half a bottle of red wine, salad to start then steak and fries. The sauce is greenish and tastes like it has basil in it too me. But wait, once you've eaten your salad then the steak and fries, they bring a second order of steak and fries. We declined the dessert.
Got to go catch a train. Hope I can blog again tomorrow.
The moon last night was phenomenal. Is that better than glorious?


Adoring the Moon said...

I was looking at the moon yesterday morning while having my coffee on the porch, in chilly Cols Oh (34 degrees) wondering if you were seeing the same moon - you know what I mean - was it nearly a full moon everywhere.

I know I should have paid attention in school.

Steak Frites are a favorite in our house so I will have tell my better half about your dinner experience.

Linda said...

I'm glad you tried that steak place and that you liked it. I saw that moon last night as I closed my shutters.

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