Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fashion News

Since I am in the fashion capital of the world, I have some sad fashion news to impart.
Apparently, harem pants are making a comeback.
I know! I know what you are thinking: But harem pants don't look good on anyone. Chubby girls wear them thinking they'll cover the excess bootie and thigh, but that never works. I agree, yet, what are you going to do when the evidence smacks you in the face over and over again?

I tried to explain to Earl the benefit for shorter women like me. They are tight at the ankle so you don't have to hem them, but then they can balloon down over your shoes and still look too long.
The tiny girls in these pictures who are wearing harem pants are going to be adorable no matter what they wear. It's just one of those things, but what about the larger women who opt for harem pants? And not just harem but many-layered harem pants? Is there any hope for her?
I think it just might be best if those of us over 40 and over 110 pounds opted out of this specific fashion. We had our chance in the 1980s and I'm betting most of us embraced the harem pants then.
The thing is, if we aren't going to wear the harem bra shirt and the veils, ala I Dream of Jeannie, the harem pants are not going to be sexy. And for some of us, even that won't work.

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Sheila said...

hmm I missed the whole harem pants phenomenon, maybe I was too young, maybe it didn't make it past the Midwest to the west coast or maybe Seattle had hit grunge at that point and there was no going back. :)I'll try to avoid it again since I don't make the acceptable parameters for wearing them. :)

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