Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Happy is Boring

Yesterday it struck me that I am really happy. I have pretty much everything I want in life. Then this morning I received my sitemeter report and saw that the number of my blog readers has dropped this month. That's why I decided that happy doesn't make good reading. That's why artists must suffer.
Rebellious children, cheating husbands, floods, locusts...they all make good reading.
Happiness...not so much.
On our drive down to Florida, we listened to The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. One of the characters in the book is studying a kind of science that determines that thoughts have mass, that they carry a kind of gravity that helps make things happen. Sound familiar? Yes, similar to the philosophy of the book The Secret.
That's when it struck me that last year, or was it the year before, during our runs we talked about intentions and whether our thoughts could affect our lives.
Two things I focused on increasing our income and going to France.
Hello. I just did our taxes and we made more money this year. And I'm going to France in two weeks. My intentions, my wishes, have come true.
That makes me feel powerful. Who knows what else I can accomplish? The tooth with the infected gum, the one the dentist said may need an implant, I began picturing little guys in there fixing the tooth, rebuilding bone. Now the gum isn't red and inflamed any more.
I've put behind my worries about college expenses, and since then I've been asked to sub for classes twice this week and had a call from a researcher at Vanderbilt who is going to pay me $20 to fill out a survey about the results of my knee surgery 7 years ago.
Of course, staying optimistic is especially easy when the weather reaches the 80s, the birds sing and I get to whiz along on my bike to work.
Oh, that's another thing. On Easter Sunday, at my sister-in-law's house, they pulled a bike off the wall of the garage and gave it to me. Now I have a bike to replace the one that was stolen last fall.
As I walked around campus yesterday with my bike helmet attached to my backpack, people kept commenting, "Did you ride your bike?" Traffic is awful near campus and parking is worse. So, I just smiled, so glad that I lived where I could ride my bike, so happy that the weather cooperated.
I can't help it. I'm just happy right now.


Stephanie said...

Don't question your happiness, just go with it! It made me feel happy reading about your happiness, so thank you.

About the sitemeter: it's probably not due to the content of your blogs, people are just out and about enjoying spring and spending less time reading blogs (well everyone else but me).

Paulita said...

I'm glad I have you. Otherwise it would be very lonely here. Hello....echo, echo, echo

Linda said...

I think it's Easter and the beginning of good weather that leads to lower readership. I for one am glad that you are happy.

Gina Johnson said...

Who cares! Embrace it girl! Enjoy this season!!!

Gina said...

Who wants a big blog following because they are going through heartache or drama. Given the choice I think I would choose happiness over statistics... now excuse me while I go check my Google analytics account...

In A Quiet Phase said...

Hi. I'm here... reading with devotion and enjoyment but without comment.

Suburban Kamikaze said...

Happiness is a blog killer. It's best to just put up some kitten photos until the feeling passes...


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Paulita.. How great that you are getting to go to France not just France, but Paris :-)

I have had a drop in readers too, but also I have had a switch around of readers, new for old.. I understand this, as I read lots of blogs, and then find new ones. But I do try to remain with the ones I started out with.

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