Thursday, April 15, 2010


I rode my bike to work again today. The temperature was in the 80s.
Earl had the day off, so he rode his bike to the Clippers baseball game. The game started at 11:35 and I finished working at 1. I began to pedal home, and as I turned a corner, I see my husband on his bicycle headed home too. What are the odds?
He's trying to cross a busy intersection and is headed against the traffic.
"Hey mister," I call. "You're going the wrong way."
He ignores me.
He crosses the street and I follow him without even looking for traffic. That's the kind of leader he is, but the light has changed and a car is coming. It stops for me.
"Hey mister, what are you trying to do? Get us killed?" I call again.
"Shut up," he yells back at me.
He still hasn't looked at me.
"Hey, did you just say shut up?" I ask. "Cause I'm your wife."
He looks back then and sees me.
Later he tells me he thought I was some crazy bicycle harrasser. Well, I could be. But I'm still his wife and he can't escape that fact.
Photo of Huntington Park by Columbus Underground.


Sheila said...

Man i wouldn't want to be the person Earl was yelling shut up too. :)

Stephanie said...

What? This happened before, didn't it?

I am so jealous! But it is so very cool too (well, except for the "shut up" part). He must have bike road rage too.

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