Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blog Favoritism

My friend Sheila at her blog http://lifesmanycolors.wordpress.com/ keeps tracks of posts she writes according to topic. She has three kids, like I do, a girl and two boys.
She has written 30 posts about her daughter Bethany, 13 about her youngest son and nine about her oldest son.
I don't keep track of the topics of my blogs, but I'm sure that if I did, Grace would be one of the largest subjects of my blog. Not that the boys mind. They probably prefer not to be the topic of my blog. I just wonder if I write about Grace all the time because she is my oldest and everything she goes through is new, or if it's because she's a girl and I can relate to her growing up incidents.
Grace reads my blog and is quick to say, "I hate that photo of me" or "I totally agree." The boys don't read my blog, and it's a good thing. If Spencer had seen that photo of him asleep with his shaggy armpit hair sticking out, he would have been very embarrassed.
I was defending myself, thinking, what am I going to write about the boys. I sat through five basketball games this weekend. But I could've written about Spencer's new AAU basketball experience. We had no idea going in Sunday morning that if he won, he had to keep playing. They won two and finally lost the third. So much for a relaxing Sunday.
I could have written about Tucker's first track meet. I never thought he would stick with track. I mean, running that much is hard work and Tucker doesn't put hard work on the top of his "to do" list. But there he was last week, running in his first track meet. I don't know if it was a good time for him. I do know the wind was blowing and I was wearing a headband that covered my ears. My hair was curly and blowing in crazy strands all over the place. I was wrapped in a blanket and I took off as soon as he had run his last event. The bus would bring him home.
There are some things I haven't been able to write about, like inappropriate texting from a girlfriend, that ended Tucker in parent jail, even though, as he defended, "I didn't do anything." Just receiving that message was enough for me to become suspicious.
I'm not sure what I'll do next year when Grace moves nine hours away to go to school. Maybe I'll write a lot of posts about how much I miss her. Maybe I'll drive up there on long weekends and share some New England foliage with you all. Maybe my blog will fall silent as I am surrounded by two teenage boys, a husband and two male cats. At least the cats aren't exuding testosterone.


Sheila said...

Well my look who's talking about me in their blog. :) I was just writing a blog about Daniel and COSI this morning, but I need to talk to him about some of the facts before I post. Beth definitely dominates the posts, but for awhile she was the most exciting thing going on. Not so much anymore. :)

Linda said...

Kids leaving the nest. It's an interesting process seeing where life leads them. Wait until your nest is empty-lots of change ahead.

BFF said...

Or maybe it is because they are growing up without the hangups we had (different ones maybe but not ours) Such a relief

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