Friday, January 01, 2010

Midwestern Values

In spite of some people who don't believe that Midwestern values are worth the Jello mold they're written on, I was reminded that I'm glad to be Midwestern as I watched the pregame of the Rose Bowl this afternoon.
Ohio State is (was by the time you read this)playing Oregon. The television had several interviews with Ohio State players and the coach Jim Tressel. Tressel talked about his respect for the other team, their "velocity." Oregon's coach just laughed and said that Tressel may use three syllables but Oregon is just "fast." The Ohio State players were interviewed and talked about how they respect the game that Oregon plays. Oregon players smirked and said, "Yeah, we're really good."
I thought maybe they were showing interviews where they spoke well of Oregon and later they'd show interviews where the other team said nice things about Ohio State. Nope.
Oregon is just cocky.
Frankly, I'm glad that we live in a place where you don't have to tell people how wonderful you are. You can prove it with your actions but not your words. Let other people admire you.
These are the same values that A Prairie Home Companion modestly touts on the NPR radio program. And the same values that Suburban Kamikaze turns her nose up at on her blog:
Ohio State is ahead right now, in the fourth quarter. The game could still end badly for us, but we didn't brag and threaten. We went out and played a tough game.
I still hope we win!


gina johnson said...

I completely agree with you! Thanks for sharing. My husband is from Minnesota and the sweetest thing sing brown sugar.

gina johnson said...

that is supposed to read "since brown sugar". Ha. Who won?

Paulita said...

Ohio State won. Yea! I just didn't want to jinx it by writing they were going to win before the end of the game.
Not everyone in the Midwest is sweet, btw. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't fall into that category myself.

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