Thursday, January 22, 2015

Still Laughing

It's nice to know that, after nearly 25 years of marriage, I can still make my husband laugh.
But the joke began a few days ago. From within the house, I heard a repetitive whining  noise.
"What is that?" I asked Earl.
He walked to the back door and saw a squirrel perched on the edge of the porch calling out.
"Maybe he's mad that there's no bird food on the ground," I suggested.
"Too bad we don't have any thing to feed him," Earl said.
We pondered the squirrel food question for a few minutes before I remembered the peanuts in the cabinet.
Not my picture. But adorable.
Earl opened the door and threw some peanuts underneath the bird feeder. The squirrel, of course, ran away, but eventually made his way back to the grass where he gathered salted peanuts.
After that, the squirrel was a regular feature under the bird feeder. I'd see him every time I went out the back door to the garage or on a walk.
Tuesday morning I was headed toward the garage with Earl on our way to work and the little squirrel looked up expectantly.
"Hey Squirrelfriend," I said, in that voice you would say "Hey, girlfriend!"
And it cracked up Earl. Every time I saw him for the rest of the day, he would shake his head and say, "Squirrelfriend."


Lucia said...

Cute! I miss my squirrel friends. We used to have so many in our yard!

Jeanie said...

I'm loving Squirrelfriend! I think Lizzie has one of those -- he's very fond of the bird food. Time for nuts, I guess!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Cute story. Not a fan of squirrels, yet on a freezing winter day, we do try to toss shelled nits their way.

Esme said...

I am glad your husband still laughs after 25 years.

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