Sunday, June 09, 2013

Strawberry Jam

This morning, after a surprise run with a friend who had moved to Louisville, I stopped at the grocery for jam-making supplies. I already had some strawberries from our garden.
So I needed sugar and Sure Jell and extra lids.
Lucky for me, my mother has left all of her cool canning gadgets at my house.
Earl helped me crush the strawberries. We need 5 cups of them. 
I cook them until the boil, then add 7 cups of sugar. Some people might want less sugar, but I just go full out and follow the recipe. 

Once that comes to a boil, it boils for 1 minute then into the sterilized jars. I put the jars in the dishwasher and run through the cycle. I ust leave it closed until I'm ready for them. Then I use the funnel to fill the jars. 
Take the lids from the boiling water and put them on the jars. Add the rings and put the filled jars in canning pot filled with boiling water. They boil for 10 minutes then I take them out with another cool canning implement and listen for the lids to seal with a pop.

I probably made enough jam to last through the summer since all three kids are home. 
Our strawberry patch is in front of the garage, so we will probably lose the plants once the workers come to repair the garage. You can read about the garage issue in the other post. 
Hope you all had a productive or peaceful Sunday. 


Jacqui Brown said...

I too love jam making. We won't have enough strawberries to jam, but I will be making cherry jam this week.

Dianne said...

Strawberry jam .... Is there anything better. The perfect addition for creme-tea.

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