Thursday, June 27, 2013

She's All That

For adults, our lives are fairly predictable. We go to work, do all the household chores, occasionally indulge in hobbies or vacations. Life is not like that for my daughter Grace.
Grace is 21 and in January she decided not to go back to her college in New York (10 hours away). Instead, she took some classes locally and applied to other colleges. She'll be going about 20 minutes away from home in August for a theater/broadcast journalism major.
But she's not sitting home waiting for August. She'll be appearing in two shows this summer. In Les Miserables, she's a prostitute in the first act and a barricade girl in the second act. She was so thrilled to come home and tell me she was a whore!
The other show is Emma by Jane Austen, the musical. And Grace is Emma.
I know!
Promotional photos for Emma came out the other night and I was wowed. What do you think?
Here she is striking a fierce pose with Mr. Knightley 
All innocence
Each time I choose one as my favorite, I look again and prefer another one. 
Slightly mischievous

What do you think?Which do you like best?
 I can't wait for the show.


Anonymous said...


Sheila said...

Those pics are beautiful! Way to go Grace, I'm so excited for you and everything you're accomplishing!

Sim Carter said...

They're all lovely but that last one has a nice kick. How great for Grace! Clearly a good decision:)

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

What beautiful photos & how exciting this all is! Congrats to Gracie! I especially love the next to last as my favorite but they are all wonderful. Gracie has a look that is perfect for the period as does her handsome leading man.

Lucia said...

Mischievious of course!!!!

Just Me said...

Way to go Grace ! I can't pick just one. In fact I can't lift my jaw and close my mouth. How fabulous.


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