Sunday, January 15, 2012

Graduation is Nearing

I can hardly believe it's already time to submit baby photos of the seniors to the yearbook. A lot of people go with toddler photos, so I wanted this one:

But Spencer said he preferred this one:

Even though he's holding his Pooh bear in it.
I'm also supposed to send photos of Spencer hanging out with friends in high school. I can't find any except from prom and since he and Claudia are no longer an item, that would be awkward. He doesn't have a Facebook, so no one tags him there. Guess I'll have to keep searching his friends' Facebook pages to see if he appears.


Linda said...

How cute was he? That's a good idea. I love to see old photos of people.

Sheila said...

so cute! I think the baby picture looks more like him than the toddler pic.

BFF said...

I miss our little guys some days. He was such a joy


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