Friday, August 27, 2010

Whatever it takes... for a week

My brother texted me last night.
"Any update on Grace?"
I was in mid-margarita slurp when the phone buzzed. I assured him she seemed to be adjusting.
"Good to hear. How are you holding up?" he asked.
My chicken burrito and beef burrito arrived on a hot plate from the kitchen. The waiter at the Mexican restaurant cautioned me as he set it down.
"Eating a lot," I replied.
Sheila, Linda and I were having a rare night out. We homeschooling moms didn't see nearly as much of each other since our kids went to school. But it wasn't just the restaurant food. I'd been eating whatever I liked since I dropped Grace off at school.
Grace and I had been eating healthy, avoiding wheat, much of the summer. We definitely felt better. We'd also been exercising like crazy - P90X every day, plus running for me.
Since Grace left, eating has become my coping mechanism. I decided to do what I needed to for this first week. I just needed to find comfort where I could, even if it was food.
Which is why I fixed myself a dinner of French bread with olive oil, mozzarella, tomatoes from the garden, basil from the neighbor's garden and goat cheese. I slid it into the oven and let the cheese get melty. This is one of my favorite meals that I hadn't enjoyed with fresh ingredients this summer because I was avoiding wheat. This weekend will be my last hurrah.
I'll stop buying junk food that I like. I'll return to treats of cashews, dried blueberries or tomatoes in vinaigrette.
I'll return to my daily workouts and meet my friends for our seven and a half mile run in the morning, but I'll probably go ahead and open that bag of chocolate covered raisins tonight.


Linda said...

Mexican food sounds so good to me right now. I have to wait until a trip back to the States to get anything worth eating. Margaritas too.

Lucia said...

Love Margaritas!!!! And Mexican food and basil, tomatoes and olive oil on Bread! YUMMM...I haven't had breakfast yet can you tell I'm starving?

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