Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Evils of Smoking Pot

I think it would be difficult to find people my age who didn't smoke pot in their teens. That's why it is easy to have discussions with my kids about whether pot should be legalized. I agree that it should be.
As far as I know, none of my teenagers are smoking pot, but the morning newspaper presented an excellent reason to avoid it.
"Drug Cartel Suspected in Massacre of 72 Migrants."
In Mexico, they found a mass grave with 72 people, migrants from Central and South America. These migrants were apparently traveling through Mexico trying to reach the United States when they encountered the Zetas drug cartel. For a few years now, we've been hearing about the drug wars going on in Mexico. Different drug lords are trying to be top dog as supplier to the teenagers and adults throughout the United States who need their recreational drugs. Those killings seem far away -- as if they have nothing to do with Columbus, Ohio.
But the idea of a mass grave gives me the shivers. It reminds me of the stories of naked Jews standing at the edge of a pit while they were shot in the back. How can we look away while people are being killed and dumped into a mass grave?
And for every American who buys marijuana that came from Mexico before it eventually reached Ohio or Chicago or New York or Kansas City, aren't we all responsible for those bullets in their backs?
Now, in addition to pointing out that pot may stunt your growth and kill brain cells and take away your motivation to accomplish things, I can say that the people who provide it have no compunctions about killing others to make sure you get your toke.
Until marijuana is grown in the United States and regulated by the government like alcohol and cigarettes, I can firmly tell my children that if they smoke pot, they are contributing to evil, like a bullet in an innocent person's back.

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