Wednesday, August 11, 2010


When I returned home from Florida, I found a thin, pliable package with a return address in France. Shouldn't everyone find gifts in their mailbox? The possibilities are endless.
Inside the package was a beautiful silk scarf from my blog friend Gina.

Okay, it's still a little wrinkled from its travels, but you can see the beautiful colors and I wish you could feel how soft the material is, like a whisper in the night.
Gina started a blog last year before her family moved from Texas to Paris. Her husband's job required him to go to Paris for the year. (I know. My husband is obviously in the wrong line of work.) They also have an adorable set of boy/girl twins who just turned 7 this week.
I loved watching Gina discover France, and I have to admit that she reminded me that it isn't all stars and red wine. Moving to another country is full of challenges.
Gina handled it like a champ and when the company changed hands and the family needed to return to Texas five months early, again she rolled with the punches. But before she moved, she took the time to send presents to some of her blog friends, including me!
Thanks for sharing your adventure, Gina, and for your generosity, a trait I'm still trying to learn.
My links never work on blogger, but you can find Gina's blog in the column along the right under "My Blog List." It's called "A Year of Change" and boy, has it been.


Lucia said...

Very pretty, I love mailbox surprises! Especially from Europe!

Linda said...

That's so pretty. I got one too, very lovely. That Gina is a sweetheart!

Linda said...

Quick question...where can I buy "Departure"?

Paulita said...

Sadly, you can't. It was never published. I've put it away for now, but hope to sell one of my novels and then bring the other two forward for publishing. Thanks for asking! I won't give up.

Linda said...

What a nice surpise. I love unexpected packages in the mail.

Lucia said...

You have an award from me. I posted it yesterday on my blog!

Gina Johnson said...

Thanks for your sweet post. You have been a wonderful cyber friend through our adventure. That scarf is going to fabulous on you!

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