Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Settling In

Thanks to everyone for their comforting words and thoughts as we adjust to life without Grace at home.
Just to follow up on the dread that we felt and Grace felt on the first day -- things were, of course, much better in the daylight.
I didn't get any panicked phone calls last night. Although she did say around 10:30 that she was exhausted and planned to go to bed.
"No! Don't go to bed!" I warned. "Do something else so you don't lie there and think about being homesick."
This morning, I found a text message that came in around 12:30 a.m.
"We just had a three room singalong. It's like college musical. You're right. I will be fine. Love forever."
Of course, she is in the performing arts dorm, so I imagine not every new college student is having midnight singalongs, but this is getting her through.
Now, I just have to try not to imagine that petrified look on Tucker's face as he left for his first day of high school today.
"Wait? What do we do for 15 minutes before homeroom?" he asked Spencer as they headed out the door.
"Well, the freshmen are real excited and they scream a lot," Spencer said.
I don't think his words were comforting.


Sheila said...

That sounds like the perfect first night for her. I think those dorms will be the perfect fit!

Lucia said...

my daughter goes to high school next year! I'm frightened!

Anonymous said...

This calls for a video Natalie Merchant - She'll Make Her Way

Linda said...

It sounds like she's in a great place. Glad she's settling in. Time marches on, eh?

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