Friday, August 06, 2010

Family Day at the Beach

From the looks of it, it was a perfect day to visit the beach. But those clouds building up had already turned dark behind us. The water in the Gulf of Mexico was warm, warm, warm. Tucker had been watching Shark Week, so he refused to go near the water.
We mostly sat in the sand and caught up with our friend Kathleen who dragged her three children along to the beach.
Once the thunder rumbled, we packed up and headed to miniature golf. Spencer decided that shirts were optional while in Florida and especially on the miniature golf course. The golf course used to be fairly exciting. Now the management seems to have lost its verve. A giant tiger and green painted python are the extent of the excitement. Some holes have nothing more than a big rock or a ceramic bunny rabbit. Earl kept score and tried to encourage us to follow the rules. We were reluctant. According to his caluclations, he won the game.
Grace pulls off the Florida look with her hair piled on top of her head to stay cool and her sunglasses secured above her hairline.
Atterwards, we debated whether we should buy a French silk pie from Village Inn or go to Coldstone ice cream. We headed to Tom and Kathleen's house and then out to dinner.

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