Sunday, July 06, 2014

Dreaming of France -- Dèjá Pre-Vu

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This post may have a tenuous link to France, but it does deal with my feelings about France.
Yesterday afternoon, my daughter Grace and I made strawberry jam together. I was wondering whether people in other countries made homemade  jams or whether that was something that goes back to our pioneer roots here in the United States.
It was while I was stirring the long metal spoon in the thick strapberry mixture, watching it ripple and bubble in a rolling boil that I had a flash, a moment, where I suddenly saw myself and my daughter cooking in France and the idea filled me with joy. I felt sure the intuition took place in Arles, in that little restaurant that Van Gogh frequented and painted so beautifully. Then it was called The Café Terrace on The Place du Forum.
Here's a picture from a trip my husband and I took to Arles. The cafe now goes by the name of the artist who made it famous.
Maybe I had this vision because I've been reading lots of books about France. Maybe it was because my daughter stood next to me in her La Chatelaine uniform, still smelling like the coffee she helps serve in the French bistro. Or maybe I'm actually prescient and it will happen someday that Grace and I will be cooking at Café Van Gogh, even though we've never had any inclination to run a café in France.
As we continued the jam-making process, the steam rising up like so many dreams, I told Grace about my vision.

"Oh," she exlaimed. "I had a dream last night that we were running a restaurant."
"See!" I squealed. "Maybe it will come true."
"But, there was a werewolf too," she remembered.
"Well, maybe just part of it will come true," I said. 
How are you dreaming of France today?
I'm also linking with Paris in July today, and many days throughout the month.


Vicki Lesage said...

Hey, if London has werewolves, Paris can too. Maybe her dream (and yours) will come true!

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

All most all French people in the country make their own confiture so maybe that cosmic connection got you to thinking about this restaurant.....

Leovi said...

That painting of Van Gotz is one of my favorites, some of my photos have imitated those colors!

Sim Carter said...

I love this post, and the pictures of the cafe. I remember making jam with my own mother, your kitchen must have smelled wonderful! And I can see you and Grace cooking up some fancy but lethal potion to get ride of the werewolves.

Sorry I'm not playing along with Dreaming of France today:( I'm posting the new Gone Girl trailer as soon as it's available.

Have a great week1

Lucia said...

I love the pictures!I'm reading alot of books with Paris in them.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your Arles post here. I visited there a few years ago, and yes, been to the Van Gogh cafe. It was a most memorable trip for me. I saw your link on the Paris in July list on Karen's blog. Glad to see so many Francophiles in the blogosphere. If you're interested, I've a review up on my blog on the French film Haute Cuisine. ;)

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