Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Stress-free Wardrobe

Does anyone remember that President Obama said he has a limited number of suit colors because he didn't want to have to put any thought into what he wears everyday? He didn't want to spend any brain power deciding on colors and shirts and ties. Here's a version of that story based on his interview with Vanity Fair.
I've kind of taken that theory on this summer with my own wardrobe. Trying to reduce stress as the house went on the market and adult children lost jobs and Earl headed for knee surgery, I sought to eliminate stress about what to wear.
It started with a tshirt dress.

An ombre tshirt dress, of course, I do have a few standards. I mean, what a concept. It's a dress that is an over-sized tshirt, like the kind of tshirt I might sleep in. I saw a male professor teaching class in cargo shorts the other day and decided that a tshirt dress works fine for teaching, too.
So what could be more stress-free than a tshirt dress?
Enter the sweatshirt dress.

This dress is made of sweatshirt material and it has pockets. Perfect for fall weather, right? Okay, I'll pair it with a sweater if it gets chilly, but I think every one who reads my blog knows that I'm prone to hot flashes, so sleeveless works for me.
So it can't get any more comfortable than a sweatshirt dress, right?
Well, hold on:

This sweatshirt dress has the seams on the outside, making it truly the most casual dress I could ever wear.
Also notice the theme with these dresses is that they only fit tight across my chest and shoulders. I can gain weight, I can lose weight and these dresses will still work.
At least that's one decision I won't have to make in the coming months as we continue our march toward moving to France.


Anonymous said...

For winter, there exists the beloved sweater dress. Same idea. All mine are black, which means like Garanimals, that they go with everything. I wear mine with knee-high flat black boots, well-shined, and either opaque tights, or, if it's colder, leggings, or, if it's cold and windy, tights and leggings. As comfortable as pajamas, yet très chic, especially with a scarf or a cool necklace. Plus: sweaters and leggings (or tights) don't wrinkle. Win all around.
When you get to France, you must check out Jacqueline Riu, a small chain of dress shops, mostly between Montpellier and Toulouse, with the target our age. I love it. Many sweater dresses from there, plus other items. Winner.

Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

The concept of "stress less" coupled with a wardrobe of basic designs and colours is a fantastic idea and one which I accidentally adopted when in France this year. When packing to come home, I realised that I hadn't touched many of the clothes that I had packed to wear on our holiday. Instead I wore my wardrobe staples and used different accessories to create a new look. Warm regards, Elizabeth

Just Me said...

I totally get the concept and agree with our beloved former President. You look fabulous.

Unknown said...

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