Tuesday, September 05, 2017


The bedroom is still dark as I open the closet door and slip my feet into my brown Maryjane crocs. I can't see them, and I don't need to see them because they lay where they always are when I put them in my closet.
That's when it hits me. Once we move out of this house, how long will it be until I have a home where my shoes are always in the same place?
Me looking as close to anxious as we have a
picture of while traveling in France. 
If we move out at the end of September, we will have three months of patchwork living here in the U.S. before Earl retires. We might stay with friends, or several groups of friends so we don't wear out our welcome. We might share an apartment with Grace and her boyfriend, leaving our things behind in a spare bedroom when we depart for France. We could simply rent AirBnbs for the next three months.
And then, having lived like gypsies in Columbus, we'll be off to France, moving from housesit to housesit, staying with more friends in between or spending nights or weeks at AirBnb properties.
It sounds like a marvelous adventure, and I plan to enjoy it.
But I also need to come to terms with the fact that it might make me anxious, not having a closet door to open, knowing that my brown Maryjane crocs will be there.

P.S. --For those of you worried about my fashion sense in France,  I'm not actually planning on taking my crocs with me -- they're just representational of my realization that nothing will have a set place until we put down roots again.


Anonymous said...

FYI, Crocs are known here. Not judging. There are alternatives (espadrilles...much cheaper).
I think a vagabond life is very romantic. So don't worry about making apologies!

Just Me said...

Maybe being uncomfortable out of my element, has made me a pro at (or obsessed with) making myself "at home" in any situation. From what small things to take with me to particular things I look for when selecting lodging. And once I arrive, I take a self guided tour, to scope out all the things that will keep me on an "even keel". Luckily, you have none of those afflictions.

Terra said...

Wow, you are setting up to have lots of adventures soon, and may have to start searching for your shoes each morning :)

Jeanie said...

I'd definitely take the crocs if they're your comfy kick-about shoes! Not all France is Paris! I take a big breath when I read your posts. They sort of freak me out -- a combo of serious admiration, envy and total terror! I say a BIG BRAVO to living that dream.

I hope I get to Columbus to see my friend before you move. It would be fun to have lunch. (They're in Worthington).

Paulita said...

Francetaste, I'm looking forward to be vagabond for awhile. I'll try espadrilles. They don't usually fit my feet well.
Just Me, Being able to make yourself at home anywhere is quite a gift.
Terra, You made me realize that searching for my shoes is a small price to pay. Thanks for the encouragement.
Jeanie, My crocs are definitely worn out. I need to find some other walking shoes. It freaks me out a bit too, but the excitement keeps me buoyed. Today I'm floating on air. As soon as details are nailed down, I'll share with you why.

Unknown said...

So don't worry about making apologies!


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