Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Running Away

In the three novels I've written, the main characters all run away to try to solve their problems.
This week, I wish I were a character in my novels.
I'm fighting the urge to run away.
I know it's's just that I'm so tired.
That sounds even more ludicrous if you knew that I woke up at 4 a.m. before finally getting up at 4:30, knowing I couldn't go back to sleep.
But I'm tired of worrying about paying for college.
I'm tired of trying to direct my teenagers down the right path when they keep taking left turns.
I'm tired of arguing with my teenagers about their choices.
I'm even tired of walking in the bathroom and seeing that the tissue box, which is supposed to sit on the back of the toilet tank is gone -- again!! Someone (a teenager?) confiscates the tissue box, smuggling it back to his/her room.
This week, I know that a check for about $1700 is coming our way. And I know that I should pay college bills and buy new tires for both cars. That is the sensible thing to do with the money.
But I can't help dreaming of taking that money and running away -- traveling somewhere, anywhere -- and leaving my worries behind.
Do you think they would follow me and be compounded by my guilt?
I can imagine myself on a beach in Florida.

Or maybe I could look out at the Mediterranean from a beach in Corsica.
Or maybe I could go sit in a cafe in Paris and just watch the people to forget about my worries.
What if you were getting some surprise money? Where would you run away too?


Lucia said...

I'd run away somewhere south, or to Vegas or maybe even Vancouver! I have a girlfriend in Vegas and one in Vancouver so accomodation NO PROBLEM.

Suzie Tullett said...

I definitely run away to France. Don't mind which part, anywhere in France! x

Sim Carter said...

You have three in college, right? That must be seriously tough. I have some money squirreled away right now which is earmarked for a trip to London, Paris and Rome for MLH and me. I dearly hope I don't have to squander it on the necessities of life!

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

I can totally understand the temptation but I have a feeling you would miss what you had left behind. All these things will over before you know it. Time passes by so quickly. But it is always good to indulge in a good day dream!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

With 3 children in college, that is tough in its self .. and with all you do to. I used to argue with my boys about their choices, . still do sometimes, but they are grown up with families of their own .. but they came to me first to tell me, and sometimes I didn't like their choices ... I let them do them .. I would be at home for them either way.

Don't feel guilty, I would indulge in a little luxury , that you would not normally do. Tyres are important for your car, for definite, .. Safety etc .. but with the rest , treat yourself/yourselves ..

Don;t worry about the tissues, one day your children will not be at home , and tthen the tissues will be in the same place ... :-) :-) take care x

Paulita said...

Thanks for your encouragement, everyone. I know the little things are silly and I have taken it easy today, reading a book, along with baking, and trying to ignore the fact that one of my sons isn't really speaking to me.
I don't actually plan to run away. I'm just dreaming.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I can remember feeling that way too when my kids were that age and I was a single mom. I resisted the urge and before I new it the house was empty.

Honestly, now I LOVE staying home - it's quiet and peaceful just my husband and I:) you'll be there before u know it.

Linda said...

Being as I live here in France, I would run away back to the States, or maybe to my son in Switzerland. I'm lucky in that my kids are all grown and, mostly, I don't argue with them.

annell4 said...

I am so happy here...I really don't want to run away.

JoeinVegas said...

Paris, I've already ran away to Vegas and stayed.


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