Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Future Is Now

It happened this morning: that moment that I've been dreading and hoping for since I watched The Jetsons as a kid.
I sat in front of my computer grading essays and listening to NPR, a blanket wrapped around me because I couldn't warm up after my seven-mile morning run. I had showered and scrunched some gel into my hair. I'd bypassed the makeup and moisturizer, and my hair curled in spikes around my head when a screen popped up on the computer.
"Video Call" from Skype.
"Oh, crap," I thought.
I looked awful and I was about to have a screen conversation with my friend Sheila in Milan.
Now, I have no problem meeting Sheila to walk or have coffee before I shower, but sitting and staring at each other's face in a phone call is different.
I could have pushed the answer button and skipped the video, but I knew Sheila would give me a hard time about that. So I pushed the video button too, and there was Sheila in a Milan hotel room.
"Wow. You're curly," she said, being polite about my appearance.
The real problem with video calling is that, in addition to seeing the caller's face, I see my own the whole time too. Frankly, I looked haggard. I don't want to look at my face for a 15-minute phone call.

I enjoyed the chat with Sheila, and her daughter Bethany the international model, even added a few comments as we were talking about the Duomo, transportation, and the expensive gelato.
As soon as we hung up, I straightened my bangs and added a little makeup, just in case I get another Video Call and must look nice for the conversation.
I wonder if Bethany will have to be extra worried about how she looks before she answers a video call? Probably not, since she is captured on video and the internet in makeup and clothes like these:


Dream Girl said...

I think I'd be self-conscious on Skype too, but not because of how I look. I think it would be more like stage-fright to me.

As you know, these days I am rarely self-conscious about my appearance. Losing my hair stripped me to the core of my being and had a profound impact on how I feel about myself. I want to give this feeling to every young girl and woman I know. If I could bottle my experience and give it away for free, I would.

The truth is, we are all beautiful. It's not about the hair, or the makeup, or the clothes. It's about who you are and how you feel. In our society from a very early age, we are told differently. Don't buy it ladies. I am here to tell you that we've been duped.

Paulita said...

Wish we could all gain your confidence -- without the cancer of course. Always wanting to take the easy road.

Linda said...

I hate seeing myself on skype too but I like seeing the other person.

Sheila said...

you are too funny. i love your curly hair I think thats how you should always wear it. :)and just so you know you can change the setting so you don't have to see yourself while you're skypeing. :)Leaving for Paris tonight so the next time we cat it could be from there. Or we may just have to meet for coffee in OH. :)

Michelle said...

Let's masquerade skype!
I'll wear my fake nose and glasses with a pair of bunny ears. If you don't have any old halloween fixins you can make a smiley face mask from half a paper plate and a popsicle stick! Oh! I want to make something with glitter too!! :)

Delana said...

I have to say, I love skype since it's the only way I get to see my family. After two years of this, I don't give a rip what I look like on skype. But I love, love, love Michelle's idea. I'm off to find a disquise! ( how do you spell that?)

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