Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Strange Illness

The morning after the Grammies, I stood at the stairs and called to Spencer.
"You up?"
"Uuuunnn," came the noise from his bedroom.
"You're supposed to be there early for Bio 2," I reminded him.
Again came the groaning noise.
"I'm too tired," he said.
Mondays are hard.
"Spencer." My voice gained an icy edge. I meant business.
"I can't go to school, Mom," he said. "I'm sick."
He stood there now by the stairs in his boxers, long legs jutting out.
"You're sick?"
"Yeah. I got the Bieber Fever," he said.
I laughed as he walked to the shower.
I imagine many actual Bieber fans did want to skip school on Monday after Justin Bieber, his eyes closed tight as he thought, "Pick me! Pick me!" did not win best new artist of the year at the Grammies.
My boys are not among those fans. But they will latch on to any excuse in hopes of missing school.
A tale of two 17-year-olds. Mine's on the left.
Bieber photo from: http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/_/28862849/Justin+Bieber+Justin.jpg


Linda said...

I keep hearing his name all of the time but I've never seen him on TV or heard him sing. I'm probably the only one in the western world.

Just Me said...

Count me in as not knowing who is was either Linda - I turned to the Grammys as I climbed into bed early Sunday evening. And there he was, sort of, there were tons of dancers on stage, lights flashing, and for about 1 second every 20 seconds the camera would tease you with a flash of him. I'm told that's how he keeps his image and appeal.

So now I'm part of the "yes I kinda saw him" crowd.

Cute pictures and posting !

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