Monday, February 07, 2011


I am most productive early in the morning.
I have finished three novels by getting up early and writing. I exercise when I first get up, or else I simply never get around to it.
Usually, I only end up doing one or the other -- exercising or writing. I can't seem to find time to do both.
That's why, today, I began to multitask with my writing and exercising.
I set the alarm for 5:10, got up, got dressed, packed up my computer and headed out the door.
I walked to the coffee shop with my computer.
It that brilliant or what? Combining exercising and writing.
My plan was to write for an hour and fifteen minutes then to walk back home by the time the boys get up for school at 7.
The plan has some flaws, starting with the fact that I didn't get up when the alarm went off. I left the house at 5:32.
I walked along the street since many of the sidewalks remain covered with ice. The computer is a little heavier than I had anticipated. I threw it over my shoulder first, the strap crossing my chest like a bandoleer. Then when that started to pull on my back, I carried it by the handle, switching arms several times.
It's like a workout for my arms, I congratulated myself.
I wore my furry winter boots and as I reached the half-mile mark they began to rub on my right, little toe. I guess they aren't good walking boots.
Then as I passed the first two coffee shops on our main street, I noticed that they were both closed until 6. I began to get a little nervous.
Sure enough, when I arrived at Caribou, the sign said it opened at 6.
Luckily, I had worked up a sweat walking and the weather is a balmy 33 this morning, so I sat down at the outdoor tables and chairs that scrape metal on concrete at the slightest movement.
I was able to connect to the internet and sat surfing until the coffee guy with the wool stocking cap opened the front doors to welcome me in.
Now, with a light white berry in hand-- espresso, skim milk and raspberry syrup, I can get some real writing done.
Well, after I check my email and stare into the flickering fire a bit more.
This multitasking is a beautiful thing.


Sheila said...

you're so funny. I still remember when i studying for my state boards and you were working on a novel and we met at Caribou EVERY morning for months.

Paulita said...

And we both succeeded, right?
Did I mention that it was sleeting when I walked home from Caribou?

Delana said...

I WANT, I WANT, I WANT to be a morning person! 5:30 in the morning! That's just hours after my bedtime! However, I too like to take my computer on a daily jaunt. For some curious reason, it's easier and more relaxing to write while watching the world go by. The question is then, why is it so impossible to write when there is a TV on in the house.....anywhere!

Stephanie said...

Now you are MY hero.

Way to go Paulita!

I think it's interesting that you and Delana like to write "watching the world go by." I never even considered that possibility.

Catching Up on My Reading said...

Now that's a writer for you !

Yak Traks and pepper spray in your stocking next year.

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