Friday, February 26, 2010

Sad Grace

Tucker is in charge of the picture slide show for the high school swim team this year so we have over 600 photos of swim team members. This one kind of sums up how Grace felt after her disappointing swim at Districts.
As we were driving home from play practice at 9:30 last night, I broached the subject of skipping swim championships for the Y next week. She will have play performances Thursday, Friday, and twice Saturday. Then she'll have to get up at 6 on Sunday and drive two hours to swim. She is setting herself up for more disappointment.
"No, I can't skip. It's my last championships."
Then I pictured how the "last" anything is so sad for Grace and I imagined the tears I will have to deal with.
"Well, if you skip this year then last year was your last year so you won't have to be sad," I reasoned.
She didn't buy it.


Stephanie said...


Let her choose. However it turns out, she'll be ok. And so will you. And if it's any consolation, I'm the queen of avoiding sadness/disappointment. Trust me, it doesn't work.

Thanks for the giggle said...

too funny. not grace. the way you look at life. just think one day
she'll appreciate your sense of
humor, too. (smile)

The Obsessive Confessor said...

I found myself preparing everyone, who meant anything to me, for any possibility of not succeeding. It was my need to have everyone to "feel okay" about everything. I was and I am so uneasy with anyone feeling bad, still.

Now I try to tell myself, "they have a right to their feelings - good, bad or somewhere in between". But I would never make it as a parent.

I'm not trying to make you feel better !

Paulita said...

I know. Funny how I try to circumvent the sadness. I do that with everything, including goodbyes. I keep saying, "oh, we'll see each other again.." Never can say goodbye... they should write a song.

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