Wednesday, February 03, 2010


That's the word I would use to describe myself these past few days. And it seems ridiculous. I just wrote a post about a woman who is dying, who isn't going to have years to spend with her kids, and I'm annoyed at my teenagers.
I'm trying to snap out of it, but they live up to my lowest expectations every time.
"My knee hurts."
"Did you take your Advil like I told you to three times?"
"I have another chapter to read," said at 10:30 at night from the boy who won't get out of bed until 7:30 when school starts at 8.
"Why did you go play Xbox at your friend's house if you have a test and another chapter to read? You know you can't get out of bed."
"My elbow hurts. I'm so far behind in my online PE class. I haven't turned in all the tests for my correspondence health course. I don't have my paperwork in for my camp counselor application. Can you go pick it up? I'm feeling very stressed," she says as she harvests peaches on farmville.
Add to that the rude emails I get from online students who never see my face-to-face so they feel free to be rude.


Sheila said...

teens, they're a bit egocentric. Just like they're developmentally supposed to be. :) My solution: wine

Stephanie said...

Are you kidding? Who wouldn't be annoyed?

Let them screw-up while you're drinking your wine, and then it won't bother you so much.

BFF said...

If you didnt get annoyed what would we talk about?

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