Saturday, February 13, 2010

Free Time? What's That

So many things I'm missing right now, like time to write blog posts, time to run with my friends.
It's 6:15 on Saturday morning. The trail is dark and snowy. So, of course, two of my crazy friends are meeting there, their breath rising in dark clouds as they run along. Their feet slipping in places where the snow has frozen unevenly. Wish I could be there and laugh with them.
I have to get Grace up in a few minutes to be at the sectionals swim meet at 7 a.m. Tomorrow we are going to a college for a scholarship competition. I'll miss dance class with my husband.
Everyone always told me how busy senior year is for the students. They never told me how busy it would be for me, the parent.
Then again, I have to consider that this is Grace's last sectional high school meet. I should enjoy these moments instead of complaining about how little time I have.
I'd better get a few papers graded before we go.
What are you doing this weekend? Things you want to do or things you have to do?

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Crazy Amie said...

Yea! A new blog post!

You were missed terribly on the dark and snowy trail this morning, but you were where you needed to be.

I think sometimes we really need to compartmentalize our lives in that we are really living "in the moment" whether it's something we want to do, or have to do.

So, you're right. Enjoy the meet today. Grade the papers when you are able. Mix it up. Have to do...want to do...repeat...enjoy.

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