Monday, February 15, 2010

An Army of Snowmen

The population in our little town has really exploded since we received that first foot of snow a few weeks ago. Kids, maybe parents, have been out building snow people.
Some of them are traditional, like this little guy:
This one is pretty run of the mill, except for the open, welcoming arms. Good thing since his smile faded.
This one just came back from sledding and he has some crazy pine cone hair:
I love when people use creative add ons to the snowmen. This one doesn't have a face. Unless he is looking toward the house and waving with his big old wooden arms:

We had enough snow for more than one snowperson. Here are a male and female version. The man tipped forward, the woman tipped back. I worry that they may have been involved in some sort of marital dispute that has left them at odds!
This one is very creative. I think it's the Pillsbury Dough Boy surrounded by minions who are worshipping him with their little branches. Either that or the branches are chains holding onto the little dogs of the Pillsbury Dough Boy. This just in -- My husband has identified this photo as the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters. He's probably right and the little figures are either people running in terror or the ghostbusters blasting him with their sticky goo:
This final one is a masterpiece of evil genius. Who even knew snow could do this?
Here's a close up of the serpent heads. These people should win some sort of prize.
How about you? Have you had snow? Have you played outside? I haven't, but if we have a free day tomorrow, I'm going to. Four to nine more inches on their way today.


Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

wow, some of those were amazing. I think the couple looks like they are dancing...and the serpents reminded me of the sandcastle competition they hold every year in Seaside, Oregon ... where very few castles emerge but lots of amazing wonders in sand...your comment of who knew snow could do this would apply, just substitute sand for snow... !!

Tish Jett said...

How lovely to meet you. To tell you the truth, any kind of snowman or woman is fabulous in my book.

In all the years I've lived in France we have never had enough to make even a snow head -- maybe if I shoveled the entire garden, but am not about to do that.

Think your Valentine's Day sentiments were extremely sweet and heartfelt.

Warmest regards,

Betty C. said...

Love your snowmen pictures! We've had snow here too in Aveyron, France,but the last snowfall wasn't snowperson material.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I see you're in education -- are you a French teacher, by any chance?

Natasha said...

Wow, some people are very creative aren't they! Great pictures.

I see you are writing a book/novel? How exciting!

Many thanks for your visit. Hope to see you again soon.

Best wishes,
Natasha. said...

Oh, I love these. No snow here but we had snow in Texas around Christmas and my man made a very curvy snowgirl of me. He included earrings and a scarf as well, a small waist and a set of boobs. It was hilarious. He put his arm around her and I snapped a picture.

Stephanie said...

My x-country skiis are waxed and ready to go and I'm studying the Olympic x-country skiers to get some pointers on how to actually use them.

You've sparked an interest here in building some sort of snow creature. We are avid followers of Calvin and Hobbes, so we are thinking something in the order of "snow goons".

I'd love to know how those serpent heads are staying up in the air like that. Amazing.

Linda said...

Aren't people creative? These were all great.

Paulita said...

Yea! Linda's home from India. Check out her great pictures on her blog.

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