Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Too Cheap Not to Go

It entered my email account without a sound, but it got me talking. AirFrance, my favorite airline of all time, sent a message about a 6-night trip to Paris starting at $749.
$749! I shrieked. That's what you might pay for airfare alone and we could get the airfare plus six nights in a hotel in Paris with breakfast included. We wouldn't even have to eat the rest of the day, just drink cheap wine.
My husband rolls his eyes at me.
"Look, it includes a bateaux mouches ride."
I couldn't shake it. I called my best friend and shared the deal with her.
"No time off," she said in that brisk way that she uses now that she's reconciling with her husband. No fun.
I think of the people I could email. Maybe Sheila and Bethany could use this deal when they go to Paris for their modeling gig. I'll forward it to her.
Maybe I could send it to my mom and she would say, "Let's go. My treat."
My husband thinks maybe if he sent it to his sister and her husband she might want us all to go and offer to pay. But then we'd have to spend all of our time with his sister and her husband, and they'd be like "Are you guys going to take another nap?" before we disappeared into the hotel.
This deal just kept eating at me. There must be some way we could afford it. I do have that new teaching job. My husband is working some overtime next week.
We have eight days to book it and pay for it. The deadline is Sept. 9.
I'm not giving up. This could happen.
Here's the link for anyone who feels, like me, that this is way too cheap to pass up.


Audubon Ron said...

Have you considered stimulus dollars and write a grant. To study French bread.

Paulita said...

I hadn't considered stimulus, but wouldn't that be stimulating France? They probably need the money for their health care. Ha! I wish we were so lucky. One of my thoughts was that maybe my husband needs a colonoscopy so we could fly over using our medical savings account to have it done. It would still be cheaper than having it here.

Executive Suburbanite said...

Just go Paulita!! Go!!! You won't be able to use your money when you're dead.

Ruth said...

Sheesh, I am not brisk and business like. I am actually busy right now. Love you

Paulita said...

Wait! Am I dying and you guys just don't want to tell me?

Anonymous said...

yeaaa for you. i too found a deal too good not to go and i could finally make good on my promise to take a vacation with my much better half. a promise about 5 years old. whooopie.

I'm Just Sayin said...


Doesnt this just fit perfectly with all your French cravings. The universe doing much of the work all you have to do is......

Stephanie said...


I just felt the same "jolt" in my gut that I did 3 years ago when you sent that email looking for someone to go hiking with you on the Appalachian Trail.

I agree with Executive Suburbanite. Just go Paulita!

Write that grant to study French bread!

Call me when you return said...

does that mean stephanie will be going with you ? princess are you listening ?

Paulita said...

The Executive Suburbanite has a point, if I hadn't ever been before, like some supposedly sophisticated people I know who eschew the 'burbs. I would not want to be the one who dedicated my book: "To my spouse, who will see Paris after all" and then have it not be true. For anyone who has never gone, go now. What are you waiting on? A 44-year-old friend of mine just found out she has stage 2 breast cancer. Go to Paris. Go to Greece. Just do something you love!
As for me, I have an 8-day plan, which is now down to a 6-day plan, but if it happens then it is meant to be!

Anonymous said...

That is an incredible deal. If I weren't already here, I'd definitely jump on it. :)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

As you say,, "what if you wait" .. I have been given the chance to go twice this year, (live in the UK) and I jumped at both chances, 1st time for 5 days and just recently for 2 weeks, it was unbelievable. :-)

Just to add, never been before this year either, and I have met my blogger friends now, and made a new one whilst I was out there!

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