Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Senior pictures -- although I don't know if she'll need them now.

I know now why parents are anxious to see their children go off to college, and it's not just for the superb opportunities.
Tonight, I sat through a one and a half hour meeting in a room full of parents with the school's guidance counselors reading information to us. That is so incredibly painful. I think I'd rather have a filling without novacaine.
While I was sitting there, I received a text from my 17-year-old. She said, "Ask them to fax my transcripts." She is going on a college visit in two days and the school didn't have her transcripts yet.
"U emailed them last night." I reminded her.
She had brought the transcripts home. I went to the kids' computer and scanned them in, enlarged them and saved them. I asked her to email from her address since mine is on another computer.
She headed downstairs about 9 and came up an hour later.
Her return text, while I sat through the excruiating meeting, admitted that she hadn't emailed them. They weren't on the desktop so she didn't send them.
I wanted to get up right then and leave the meeting. If she can't be bothered to send an email with one attachment, what the hell am I doing spending hours of my time to learn about college applications? Why is my husband returning from his vacation early and taking vacation time so he can take her to the college overnight when she can't send one fricking email?
I'm so pissed, I'm tempted to cancel the college visit. But really, who would it punish more if she doesn't go to college, me or her?


Sheila said...

I'm sitting at my computer crying because Daniel is moving away today. It's really hard when they leave. All the annoying things they do don't really matter anymore once they're gone. It will get better, buy maybe in the meantime you should just send any paperwork that needs to be taken care of. :)

Audubon Ron said...

Not to make this about me but I grown us in my life like that. I like the pic, english gardeny looking.

Audubon Ron said...

...I have grown ups in my life like that...

My fingers feel as wide as the space bar.

Linda said...

Kids, huh? I remember going through all of that.

Paulita said...

Audubon Ron, when you say have grown ups like that in your life, are you talking about me, or other people who are irresponsible like teenagers. Just wondering whose side you're on here?

Paulita said...

The English garden thing in the senior photos were taken at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus. It has a great chihuly exhibit right now too.

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